Best Of Maldives (Malé - Malé)


Malé Intl (MLE)



Malé Intl (MLE)

7 Nights

Approx. 17 Dives

All experience levels. No minimum number of dives required. Familiarity with drift dives recommended

Itinerary Highlights
  • There are three distinctly different types of diving: inside the atolls, outside the atolls and inside the channels or passes.

  • Inside the channels is where the currents are strongest and you'll find the greatest congregation of fish life.

  • Most intriguing are the cleaning stations, found around every corner and under every ledge. Groupers, Snappers, Surgeonfish, Eels, Parrotfish, even Giant Napoleon Wrasse park casually in corners, oblivious to all, while armies of wrasse, shrimp and other assorted cleaners pick at debris in their open gills and cavernous mouths.

  • The big attraction in the Maldives are the schools of fish that patrol the reefs in colorful packs: Humpback and Black and White Snappers, Trevally Jacks, Barracuda, Batfish, Unicornfish, Yellowback Fusiliers and Harlequin Sweetlips almost comical in design.

  • The reef's larger inhabitants, including sharks, rays and occasionally even Whale Sharks, are often seen cruising in the blue. 

  • Vaavu and Rasdhoo includes spectacular channel-drift dives, wrecks, pinnacles and world famous night dives.  This is a year round itinerary with each of the dive areas offering exciting diving.

Embark/Disembark: Guests will fly in and out of Malé, Velana International Airport (MLE) and will be met on the start date of the charter from 11 am - 5 pm and transferred by speedboat to the Maldives Aggressor II.

Itinerary Description

Please note: the itinerary above is an example of the planned route and dive sites cannot be guaranteed. All dive sites are subject to weather conditions and the final route taken is at the absolute discretion of the captain and dive guides. 

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